• SABIS® helped my family come back to our country. I have tried other schools for my children but they were not happy. My son said, “When I was at a different school, I used to come home with an empty brain and empty heart, but now at ISC-Erbil, I come home happier and smarter every day.”

    Rezan Bebany ISC-Erbil parent

  • “I am impressed by the quality of education the students receive at ISC-Erbil. It is because of the strong academic foundation that my son got a full scholarship to study engineering in a university in Texas, USA.” 

    Sarah Nagshbandi ISC-Erbil Parent

  • “ISC-Erbil had a remarkable effect on my children’s language skills and their behavior.” 

    Jouan Salim ISC-Erbil parent

  • “The International School of Choueifat- Erbil produces results. The school prepares students to be competitive candidates for universities in Kurdistan and abroad. They are given the English skills necessary to succeed in an international environment.” 

    Ryan Thomas ISC- Erbil Teacher/HoD

  • “The effectiveness of SABIS® curriculum combined with the impact of SLO® on students’ academic and social skills has been dynamic and magically transformational! It has been an amazing experience witnessing this.” 

    Humeira Bokhari ISC-Erbil ex school director

  • “Working in SES-Adma, ISC-Erbil, and Cairo Regional Center has been a truly invaluable experience. These positions have sharpened my teaching skills and allowed me to approach each new challenge from a different perspective. Helping students in their academics is incredibly gratifying.” 

    Talar Karayan ISC-Erbil Math Teacher/Regional Task Member

  • "As a parent, witnessing my son's remarkable growth at ISC-Dream City and ISC-Erbil has been truly heartening. The SLO has played a pivotal role in not just shaping his academic journey, but also fostering his passion for sports. The commitment of the school to providing a holistic education is evident in the well-balanced approach to learning and development. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire faculty and staff for creating an environment where my son has flourished both academically and in his sporting pursuits. Thank you, SABIS®, for being a partner in our child's journey towards success."

    Bana Gardi ISC-Dream City Parent

  • "As parents, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to SABIS®, ISC-Dream City, the SLO, and the teachers for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and, most importantly, encouragement. We have witnessed significant and exponential development in all three of our children. We feel exceptionally fortunate to have our kids studying at ISC-Dream City. A special thanks to the SLO team for their endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts, and passion that they demonstrate each and every day. Our children feel very comfortable, and they try to emulate the SLO team as a role model at home."

    Mustafa Pasha ISC-Dream City Parent

  • "Social Responsibility Prefect was the task given to my daughter and this had a tremendous positive influence on her personality and social life. Besides communication skills, problem-solving skills, and having a strong personality, she became more compassionate, showing strong willingness to help and support others. All of the above wouldn't have taken place without the spectacular support from the SLO team. SLO is the school's beating heart."

    Rima Ghanem ISC-Dream City Parent (Gr. 4)

  • "I'm delighted to express my heartfelt gratitude to ISC-Dream City for providing an exceptional educational experience for my children. The dedicated staff, passionate teachers, and the SLO team have created a nurturing environment that fosters both academic and personal growth. My children are thriving under the school's guidance, and I appreciate the school's commitment to excellence. Thank you, ISC-Dream City, for shaping a positive and enriching educational journey for my kids."

    Heba Alhajari ISC-Dream City Parent (Gr. 1 & 2)

  • "As a parent of a KG 2 student, I confidently affirm that SABIS® and the SLO department have laid a remarkable foundation for my son's educational path. The extensive range of activities and events orchestrated by the SLO department, coupled with the exceptional academic lessons, has not only bolstered my son's confidence but also transformed his overall perspective on learning and school. The dedicated staff at ISC-Dream City consistently strives to make a positive impact on every child's life, and this commitment shines brightly. My heartfelt appreciation goes to the staff at ISC-Dream City, his exceptional teachers, and the diligent SLO team."

    Sazan Rasoul ISC-Dream City Parent (KG 2)