Creating Cupcakes

On Saturday January 21st, 2017 the SABIS Student Life Organization® organized a creating cupcakes fun day for KG students. Students started with prebaked cupcakes and 4 different color frosting (Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green). The students also had 4 different toppings such as canned fruits, m & m, colored rainbow sprinkles. Then once they finished decorating they enjoy their cupcakes.  The purpose of this activity is for the student to bring out their creative side with a Cupcake Decorating session. The child will learn how to decorate one of their own, while interacting socially with their peers. The students were so excited to decorate their own cupcake and once they started putting the frosting, you could see big smiles on their faces. The students were concentrating so hard to put the decorations on that they didn’t notice anyone around them. One student decorated the cupcake and then said: “this is for my dad” and she went and gave it to him. Once finished decorating, all the students started eating their cupcakes with a juice. The feedback we received was that the students said it was delicious.