Zoo Trip

This was an educational trip in order for the students of Grade 1& 2 to learn more about the animal species, their natural habitats and behaviors. It is great revelation for young students to see their favorite animals live-up, close, and at a reachable distance. Also to inform students that their toys animals, what they read in books, and see on television really exist. Students and their peers had loads of fun looking at the animals while others even fed bananas to the monkeys.  This outing helped students to understand what animal behavior is —and to listen to the sounds they make. It was an opportunity for the students to see animals for what they really are—removing the fear of tigers, lions, leopards, and the like; and understanding the real beauty in them. It gave the students a chance to turn around and teach each other about the animals they have been watching. It gave them a chance to observe wildlife they may otherwise never see.